annual requirements

corporate taxes:   MARCH 15th
corporate registration:   april 1st
corporate minutes:   January 1st

estimated tax payments

1st installment:   april 15th
2nd installment:   june 15th
3rd installment:   september 15th
4th installment:   january 15th

payroll taxes & reports

federal & state tax deposits: 15th of each month

payroll quarterly reports:

federal 941 / state withholding / state ui

1st quarter: january/february/march

  • due date: april 30th

2nd quaRter: april/may/june

  • due date: july 31st

3rd quarter: july/august/september

  • due date: october 31st

4th quarter: october/november/december

  • due date: january 31st

Annual reports

due january 31st

  • employee w-2 / federal 940 / 1099's

DUE february 28th

  • employer w-3 / state withholding w-2 / employer 1096

sales tax & property tax

property tax:

  • arkansas / kansas / county

due march 1st:

sales tax


  • 2oth of every month


  • april 20th / july 20th / october 20th / january 20th


  • december 31st


Business license please see your local county for renewal period